BA(hons) Fine Art: The course is open to allow students to work in whatever way they see fit and is situated in a grade 1 listed building right in the centre of Birmingham. There are dedicated workshops and flexible studio space as well as bookable exhibition and display spaces. The library is brilliant as are all members of staff.


this will be my last post on this blog most probs… i’m off to artists talking soon!!!however i thought i’d close off this blog with some of the events of the last few weeks….

the degree show was installed and opened to hundreds of people… the audiance seemed to enjoy interacting with my work!!! just before the Private view we had a prize giving in which i received 2 prizes:

the Emma Jessie Phipps Award for the Most Outstanding Student of 2011 which was amazing to receive!!! the second prize i recieved was The Lombard Method Graduate Prize which consists of a residency and a show in the Lombard Method ( studios and project space in digbeth!!!

really pleased to receive both!!!

the show was then open for 7 days and recieved loads of visitors all of whom had lovely thing to say about the show. course director John Wigley made this video which shows a good selection of work that was on show!!!

then today the shows came down and we recieved our degree results… I finished with 1st so am very pleased!!!

would like to take a moment to say thanks to everybody who has helped me out over the last few years (theres a lot of you) and would also like to thank Richard Taylor for reading and commenting on this blog over the past year and hope all the other bloggers on here have had rewarding degree show seasons!!!


degree show install is in full swing…

the 4 accounts are set-up and connected (been having some fun with that around the building!!!), 1 of my 4 nodes is fully installed, 1 is roughtly in place, 1 is going up tomorrow and the final 1 and the diagrams are going up next week!!!

i cant help thinking that i only need two objects to show that the work is more about a proposal and possibilities as opposed to being a resolved thing… but i’ll wait until everthing is installed and running before i make a decision about that!!!

some other things are / have been going on as well… yesterday i had an AHRC funding interview (never been more nervous) and tomorrow we’re receiving the degree show catalogues which is really exciting as the proofs looked great!!!

attached are some images of work in progress on the install… hope everyone else’s installs (or shows if there open already) are going well!!!


and thats almost it.

workshops are closed (although i made the most of them today; re-print of the 4 diagrams for the Temp. DA/LL Network, and i made 6 more of the perspex markers for marking the internet and the physical), the exhibition build starts next week, and the install goes on for 10 days after that. today also saw my last tutorial and yesterday saw us sign off the proofs of the degree show catalogue (was mighty pleased with my page – cheers go out to connar o’keeth for the photograph!!!!)

still have a million things to do…

some finishing touches to do to the Temp. DA/LL Network Nodes which i’ll squeeze into my lunch breaks during the build, i’ve been shortlisted for an AHRC block grant for the MA Digital Arts in Performance program and have an interview for that, i need to open 4 SKYPE accounts which will again be squeezed into lunch breaks, also need to empty the studios tomorrow and have so much stuff to get out of there its unbeliveable, and then hand in my professional practice folder in on friday… HECTIC

and thats not mentioning the performances i’m programming for bunting:littleblackflags:gardenparty so far featuring Flowlosopha and Sickboy aka SMUT with more acts to follow…

also i would like to mention Louise Draper and just say R.I.P. you are missed.


been busy with paperwork and various forms of writing for and about the degree show work and have FINALLY decided on the full title for it and have filled out a 5 page (front and back) risk assement…

anyway its called Temp. DA/LL Network and is made up of Data Collection and Distribution Architecture Nodes and diagrams (not prints) i am quite pleased with the word NODE in particular!!!

i also thought i’d pop in some quotes i’ve hunted down which are fairly relevent to the work…

Nomads chart their courses by strange stars, which might be luminous clusters of data in cyberspace, or perhaps hallucinations. Lay down a map of the land; over that, set a map of political change; over that a map of the Net, especially the counter-Net with its emphasis on clandestine information flow and logistics – and finally, over all, the 1:1 map of the creative imagination, aesthetics, values. The resultant grid comes to life, animated by unexpected eddies and surges of energy, coagulations of light, secret tunnels, surprises. [1]

When two worlds collide, one asks the other, “Who are you and what are you doing in my space?” Usually, the question brings with it an assumption that the questioner has the authority to ask it in the first place, and the confidence or the knowledge that space, and the means of circulation, can also be property. That the “space” is his to enable the asking of the question to the person immediately categorized as the interloper, the encroacher, the not-quite-right-thing or right-person-in- the-right-place.[2]

[1] Bey, H; T.A.Z: The Temporary Autonomous Zone, Ontological Anarchy, Poetic Terrorism (2nd ED); pp.105-106; Autonomedia; Brooklyn, NY; 1985, 1991, 2003.

[2] Raqs Media Collective; Dreams and Disguises, As Usual; pp79; in Seepage; pp.72-87; Sternberg Press; New York, NY; 2010.


first blog post in a huge amount of time (i’m fairly sure i’ve been having withdrawal symptoms!!!) just been so busy…

i’m working on the final draft of the degree show catalogue and should be sending it to the printers to get our first proof through this week which is very exciting!!!

whilst being sat in front of the computer for such extended periods of time i’ve started work on a series of drawings of grids and am going to make a piece of writing to go with them then the packages will be appearing on the editions page of my website i guess ( they sort of cover a lot of ground for me content wise inc:

-the grid/net/web

-architectural facades

-graphic equalisers (musical)


-sculptural forms


and a few other things which i’ll discuss in the writting which goes with them…anyhoo see the pic for now!!!

been talking to a lot of performers with regards to them doing something aound Bunting:LittleBlackFlags:GardenParty @ the showborough house sculpture garden as well which i think is going to be really exciting!!! more info when there is some!!!

I had a failed entry to the leamington spa museum and art gallery open but you win some and lose some i guess… in hind sight the work i entered open/info.comm.exh1 didn’t actually sit within there definition of art anyway…

looking forward to getting back into the studio – the degree show is worringly close!!!