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Sketching and notating some of Simone Fortis improvisations and performances including Huddle.

I was beginning to lok at notating details important for me, and how this can be done live, Some aspects lack a sense without the live work but this dissonance is interesting and something I could maybe play with, within my own work.


The first 2 images relate to Huddle and the other images are notations of pathways and postures of an ‘Animation’ or improvisation demo by Forti. Essentially the score consists of;

1 – choose an object. (she chose a Water cooler tank)

2 – choose 3 words randomly from dictionary. (chose; Obeya,

3 – 20 mins. automatic writing.

4 – choose 3/4 images from text, to work with in an improvisation of movement and words.


This one was great, and hard to detail the changes that happen, looking at Fortis “dance constructions’ you understand why Forti would have chose an incredibly large water tank; its an object as heavy and ‘body-like’. I find it really fascinating in Fortis work how she can find a sense of equilibrium between using and performing objects.