Gazing up at the delicate clouds this month inspired entries into the June Boldbrush art contest from my Skye Skies in Soft Pastels Collection. 

I’d be delighted if you’d vote for one or all of them 

Here are the paintings – just click on the title of the painting(s) you’d like to vote for and then the Vote button on that page:

Up, Up and Away

Voluptuous Maidens

Woolly-Layered Masses

Every vote makes such a difference, thank you so much in advance :)

P.S. These paintings are currently available to purchase, and would love to find their places to nestle up and call home. Click on the following links to find out more about the original paintings:

Up, Up and Away: Lynne Forrester – Work Zoom: Up Up and Away

Voluptous Maidens: Lynne Forrester – Work Zoom: Voluptuous Maidens

Woolly-Layered Masses: Lynne Forrester – Work Zoom: Woolly-Layered Masses