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INTERCONNECTION and Metamorphosis, two of my large audio interactive tapestries were installed last week in Kirkleatham Hall Museum as part of the Fabric of the North exhibition and all ended as it should . . . after following Plan B, my backup plan!

The a-n Artists Bursary I received earlier this year is being used to gain more experience with coding and using Raspberry Pi and Arduino computer technology. What I have found on a couple of occasions now, is that what you make work in the studio does not necessarily work in a new setting such as a gallery. Hence the importance of having a Plan B.

On this occasion Plan B was to allow the computers to run 24/7 as they are designed to do.  I only had to ask the gallery staff to switch the sound bars off at the end of the day and on again at opening time.

Also, while I was able to connect to the gallery wifi, as it was an open public network, I found I could not connect to the Raspberry Pis remotely. So if there any glitches between now and when the exhibition ends on 31st January, I will need to negotiate a different remote connection with Redcar Cleveland Borough Council. Distance and covid would restrict my ability to fix things directly on site.

Ah! It’s a steep learning curve, but as long as I keep climbing it I’ll get there eventually. And all made possible with the a-n Artists Bursary – thank you a-n.

Supported by an Artists Bursary from a-n The Artists Information Company and a Stabilisation Fund grant from the Arts Council of Wales National Lottery Good Causes.