Much of this year has been about noticing small details, strange patterns, colours or just one particular view changing with the seasons.

October was very much a threshold of the changing seasons. Peat levels began to rise again as leaves and vegetation begins to fall and die back.

Umbers and Ochre’s are everywhere. It is very pleasant not to need insect repellent. Buzzards regularly dance overhead. The first half of the month was generally very still, large clouds and low sun bathing the moss in a golden light.

The moss seems to be slipping into a more relaxed state as we edge towards Autumn.

Fungi are appearing everywhere; colonies of beautiful shapes and colours embrace the dampness.

Walking in the rain revealed a low drumming as the rain hits the dry leaves. When wet the moss deepens its colour palette to rustic reds and browns.

Towards the end of the month the time spent walking feels particularly precious again. As life returns to pre-Covid times, work and family commitments squeeze my time.

As my residency time nears its end, I consider the responses this landscape inspires.

I look closely, I look again and again.

I walk, I pause. I look. I hear. I touch. I smell. Relationships build, I draw and I collect. My visits are a repetitive process which build connection.