The landscape of a peat bog is muted especially in winter, but on closer inspection there is a fantastic array of colours in this landscape.

There has been a marked drop in temperature this month. A change in cloud cover also often brings a change in the sonic landscape. Some days the hum of the boundary motorway is very invasive but on other days you barely notice it and just focus on the birdsong.

Early morning walks early in November bring with them heavy dew. Drops sit on the ends of the grass like jewels glistening in the light, soaking your legs as you walk.

Dew days reveal unseen rhythms of the grass and the spider’s lines linking the trees and heathers.

This month saw the Beaver Moon – the beginning of hibernation months.

A late sprinkling of snow changed the moss from autumnal colours to a landscape in monochrome.

Networks of Fox and Hare are mapped across the bunds.

Observations and recording have become more than a weekly exercise, they have begun to take on a life of their own, reflecting my presence as much as the weather and landscape. My studies reinforce my connection to this place. Within the first few months of the residency multiple ideas took shape, threads weaving in and out of each other, of me, and the landscape itself.