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(Brian as narrator) Saturday It’s early, very early, or at least it seems that way being the morning after the night before. The George Formby night was a great chance for the artists to get to know one other in a more social setting. Although by this time, I’m sure they were already familiar with each other’s quirks! On return to the campsite several of the group decided to carry on this social engagement in the bus, including me, a decision I am currently regretting. Nothing a shower can’t sort out.

A moment of panic strikes, while having a shower Tomoko left her mobile phone plugged into charge in the bathroom but forgot to pick it up when she finished. She returned once she had realised her error to find the phone gone. A few of the group head to the site office in a bid locate the missing item. I meanwhile pack the van, and despite doing this one alone, it was achieved expertly with haste.

Kath and Paul return from the campsite office phone less, I have a quite chat with Paul and with my now obvious distrust of Scousers decide to get the group out of this zoo.

The beekeepers have arranged a BBQ so supplies are needed. On route I hand a blank sheet of paper and a pen to the crowded bus behind asking for people to write down requests for the BBQ. I wish I hadn’t, the returned piece of paper was a sight to behold, time for a re-think. The requested items were extremely plentiful and my issues with the list were as follows:

1) Can we eat all this food

2) How long it would take scouring the supermarket aisles for some of these products

3) Cost, although budgeted for, this list would far exceed earlier food budget estimations.

I explain this to the group, and try a different course of action. I want a simple Meat or Veg reply when I call the Cerbyd artists names. The system works and I now know my shopping list. Sometimes you have to adopt the role of strict headmaster in order to move forward! Typically, some of the artists still want some of the luxury items on the list, but it is decided that anyone wanting particular goodies must purchase these themselves. This decision proving slightly pointless as once I got in the supermarket, my kind nature took over and the shopping list expanded to include fruit, and even haloumi!

Next stop Brecon, we snake down a narrow stony dusty lane and the sun is out. It’s hot and stuffy on the bus, the artists are eager to get out and stretch, we reach the end of the lane to larger courtyard area, everyone jumps out of the bus, to satisfy there basic human needs for comfort and stretch their legs.

As far as campsites go this is another gem. Kath’s been here before and is quick to compliment, I leave the group to speak to the land owners and get a pitch. A wonderful charming woman greets me at the farmhouse, she enquires to where we are all from. This leads to a discussion about the project – how we arrived in Brecon and what we were doing here, and as fate would have it, it turns out that our host is a avid beekeeper, and has a hive on her land.

I ask if there is a secure location to charge our various gadgets. I am led to an office and plug in nine phones, two cameras, and one video camera. Unfortunately, the room is not secure and although the clientele of this campsite appears trustworthy, after the events of this morning, I remain vigilant. Meanwhile we set up camp; campfires are allowed on this site so I return to the farm to purchase some campfire wood, for later.