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After checking all four hives, eliminating the odd wasp and the inspection is complete. We move away from the wasps and remove our stylish white bee suits. Unknown to us the BBQ was cooking and under the marquee there is a stunning array of desserts on display. The artist’s eyes light up and I head to the van to get our food. As I approach the BBQ I can see now that there is plenty of food already on the grill, more than enough for everybody. Instead of adding more, I simply hand out our produce to members of the beekeeping group for them to cook at home.

I get into a conversation with a beekeeper, and mention it was a shame I failed to see a queen.

‘Fear not’ he says and points me in the direction of a display hive. I go in for a closer look and yes, I can see the queen. I gather the other Cerbyd members to gaze upon the queen and now all the boxes are ticked. The day could not be going better.

While looking at the queen, I witness a bizarre mauling of a bee. I tell one of the members of the group and he explains that the bee must have found its way into the wrong hive. The bees of this hive see him as a threat and to protect the queen they absolutely batter it. After a while, the bee plays dead and they leave him alone. He moves again and the clan are on him again relentless with their attack. I have to stop myself from watching this massacre and return to the BBQ.

This BBQ has turned into something of an event. Children and families of the beekeepers arrive, a raffle is on the go, wine flows and food is being consumed. Indeed, it seems the sudden influx of meat into the diet of the artists has gone to their heads. After the consumption of around 9 sausages (I wasn’t counting!) Tomoko likened the place to paradise and totally agree. We are just fifty yards from the bees but any earlier trepidation has certainly vanished now.

Gillian once again wins the raffle and a bottle of wine that is quickly shared out. We finish our conversations and say our goodbyes. I take one last look at the queen bee in the display case and we head back to the campsite.

Back at the campsite and we set light to a bonfire. I sit, some draw, some write, but the majority of the group are playing Frisbee, and creating I might add, some bizarre moves. Each are named, I watch and relax and we have an early night.