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Felicity and I look at the footage we have of Montauk Point Lighthouse in relation to the one-minute film we made from our visit to Orfordness Lighthouse To the High Light in June. The images we took at Orfordness Lighthouse were about the sense of movement in the disused architectural structure, and the natural light and shade within and outside the space. Here in Montauk,  we mirror the circular movement of climbing the stairs that we caught on the film, but here, it is less about the structure of the building and more about the functioning light and the life outside it.

The result Round the Light is an accompanying film for To the High Light. At the moment we can only view them side by side on laptop screens.

I’d like to see them projected on a double screen to get a sense of how they work together. Hopefully, we will see this when they are shown as part of a programme of short films Alive in the Universe that Caroline Wiseman is taking to Venice next year.