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As is traditional for me I had a fire to mark the turning of the year. 2017 slips quietly into 2018.

The snow of the previous day had melted. A bright moon lit the clear sky.. As part of the ritual we write down the things of the current year to bid farewell to and welcome the things we want in the coming year – we write these down and burn them.

The coming year is significantly different for me from previous years. Mainly that I already know I have some work lined up. But more than that it is the nature of that work and events. The last visit to PMS was spent reflecting and thinking of the future. Outlining all the current things – where was my energy and time going, what was creative, what was earning me an income. I realised i travelled loads last year, often for little money – often on the jam of tomorrow carousel. So i am taking stock. Slowing down, focussing, deeper rather than wider – whatever that means.

Once again in no small way is what is lined up due to in part or whole of my experience at Pervasive Media Studio. I will be returning in February to do a talk on my experience there. In addition i finally – after 4 years of trying – get to do a Close Fellowship course. 2 Weeks learning development about leadership in a cultural context with a Disabled Leaders Bursary too – thank you Clore! I Also get to go to Norway – the far far north – on a residency – furthering the work i started at the studio. And who knows what else. One thing leads to another. I’m sure i will apply and get rejected from things as is the norm but i am feeling ready and able for the next phase – for whatever being an artist produces, leads to and the successes and challenges.