‘Collect Open offers a unique opportunity to individual artists or collaborations to exhibit alongside world-class galleries at Collect – the Crafts Council’s international fair for contemporary objects.’

My proposed finished piece will be 5 meters in length and 3 meters in height, comprising of around 40 ceramic vessels ranging in size from 10x10cm up to 45x50cm, set against a hand rendered fabric wall panel. The glazed vessels and the large scale background wall will form a critical interplay of color, tone and texture. Creating a visual allegory of the relationship between the land and sky, I hope to allow the viewer to experience the physical and ephemeral nature of ceramic.

The piece has a working title of  ‘A Day’. The balance of height, colour and the placing of each vessel will examine a study from a day incorporating a landscape. The viewer has the opportunity to interpret the ways in which the installation reflects their own personal daily life.


Presenting a talk at Fabrica, Wednesday 22nd February, 6 – 7pm, Duke Street, Brighton.

It was an amazing 5 days at Collect meeting interesting people from all over the world. Thank you to the Craft Council for a great show, Arts Council for all the support and being able to produce an ambitious piece of work and for all the people that helped me make it.

If you would like to hear all about it come to Fabrica


After a long calm day at the Saatchi Gallery a team of us installed A Day. The difficult bit was to ensure the canvas was at the right height and in line with the mantle piece. After some careful planning the canvas was hung and beautifully stretched at the bottom. It was an exciting moment to see that it had worked.

Now it was the fun bit. Placing all 35 vessels onto the mantle piece and creating A Day.

Thanks to the technicians at the Saatchi Gallery and Andy Felton who made the mantle piece and Luke for a spare pair of hands.

It will be open to the public starting tomorrow Thursday 2nd to 6th February,  Saatchi Gallery, Third floor.


It was a crisp bright day. I had hired out a local hall in Cooksbridge to take the photograph of all the work in situ. Large canvas, mantle piece and the vessels. Jonathan Bassett was ready with his camera gear, Andy had his tools ready to put the mantel piece together and Bennita was ready to help load it out of the van. After a very long day we got the shots. AMAZING. Thanks for all the help and family.

2nd – 6th Febrauary, Collect, Collect Open, Third Floor, Saatchi Gallery. Tickets are available here


So the final decision on the backdrop has been made and a cymk tiff was sent to the printers. I was able to get images and a video of it being printed in the Prismaflex warehouse, Newhaven. 5m x 3m was printed and on the roll within 30 minutes. Amazing. It uses UVA lights to set the print onto the fabric.