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As I have only just started developing my studio practice, I am more in the stage of figuring out where I want me project to go. So I decided to experiment with another piece of work, now bare in mind that I am just in the experimenting stage I wanted to try different ways to apply the paint and this is what I have done.

Looking at these photos I now that look much like Jackson Pollock’s work and his is a big inspiration to me, but I don’t want to be someone that looks like another artist. So I had a tutorial with my lecturer, we discussed a few opinions that I could possible do and a few different artists to look at.

So the ideas are to use the splatters of paint as a background and then use the same technique that I did with my other piece of work which was a palette knife. Another idea is to section parts of the painting of to create something different in each.

There are three artists that I am looking at and they are Clyfford Still, Sol LeWitt and Gerrard Richter.