Right, I don't know why my picture is still up as latest updated blog, as that is not true (well maybe at this EXACT MOMENT) but pfft!

Making progress in the workshop. Not only did I get in for 9am (thanks to the boyfriend pulling the duvet away from me after i'd hit snooze for the 4th time…) but we have almost completed KAMERA II (sad I know but I love it!) I also used three different power tools/equipment, we have 10 fingers, 10 toes- a triumphant day!

But it is never pleasant to sneeze when one is wearing a dust mask. Rebound…

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Let's start positive… have made 1 pinhole camera out of oak. It is a thing of beauty to behold, whether it will work is another question and involves a little bit of maths and according to my brain training, is my least strong skill. Also when I say have made, not I but we (thank you John, a batch of chocolate brownies will make their way to you shortly!) However, it is one of 4 (suppose to be 5 but there is the pressing of time).

Now for the negative… IT'S THE 8TH OF APRIL!!! in one months time, everything, and I mean everything must be finished and ready to be presented for assessment! Fot those who did not know, we are under the evil constraints of the university calander and that is why we have our degree show and assessments so much earlier (we lose a whole 4 weeks due to semesterisation… why that could make that extra pinhole camera, some prints and notebooks possible!)

But nooooooo, have one month left. Not sure how to handle this pressure. At least there is progress, even if it's slow. Have begun on making the scrolls that will actually be presented in the space for assessment and thank god I have finally finished those 6 frames (which 1 is only decent, hurrah for filler!)

Right I am finally out of the studio and away home to work on these philosophy notebooks, of which are going nowhere and mean nothing.

But I shall end on a positive, at the DCA there will be an exhibition including the work of one my favourite artists, whose work is a rarity to see, Francesca Woodman. A MUST SEE!!!!


Just realised that haven't actually explained at all what I am doing. To be honest, I'm not entirely sure either. Have hit that momnet where you question everything you're doing- does it make sense? Is it any good? What the hell is it?!

My problem is that so much of my philosophy is intwined in my work, that search for truth and questions, never any answers. All this process and no ending in sight, no work is ever resolved. Is that a way to practice art? Well, that's what I do…

My work focuses on the Other, afigural, especially that which is trapped/ co-exists within me. To explain, I'm chinese. Or at least, that's what I look like. But if you hadn't seen my name or my face, you would think I'm an average Scottish lassie. How can two people exist in one body and can they ever exist together at the same time? Maybe, if the dominant person is reduced to a point where they are no revelant in an Event, where their acts can open a fissure to allow the emergence of the Other.

Like I said, a lot of philosophy, no answers…


6 frames made, nothing to go in them….