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Review: 28/10/21:

I have now thought of a new name for my project: the Endangered Plants Index. It’s functional and explains what the project is, without it being too out-there or pretentious. I will now start work on creating a ‘look’ (including a logo) for it, which I can then incorporate into my work – such as embossing stamps on the pieces (as suggested in a tutorial, as this sometimes occurs in archives), or normal ink stamps, or to be displayed on the rulers next to my illustrations (as the rulers at Kew have their logo on). 

Update: 10/10/21:

Contacting David Oakes was hugely beneficial for me – not in an artistic way, but logistically and practically. He helped to realise that there are huge parts of my project that I hadn’t fully considered – specifically in terms of dissemination, scale and time-frame. It has become clear to me, that creating an overview of my degree project and what form I want the majority of it to take (or how each disparate part will fit together) is a hugely important stage that I must decide from the start, if I am to complete a successful and cohesive work. 


The idea for my degree project came in part from a podcast that I have been listening to, called the Trees A Crowd Podcast, where (in the current series) the host (actor, artist and amateur naturalist) David Oakes explores the 56(ish) native trees of the British Isles, exploring their importance, uses and history. It has been a very enjoyable and eye-opening listen for me, and made me realise how little people think about and consider the importance of plants in our world and how the endangerment of plants is very rarely spoken about – even though they underpin everything.

I therefore decided to get into contact with David myself, to discuss my project with him and get his advice and thoughts on it, as he has already embarked upon a very similar project. I contacted him by email a few times, but finally managed to get into contact with him through the Trees A Crowd Patreon account.

I am hoping that my correspondence with him will be very beneficial to my project, in terms of structuring the project, dissemination and perhaps other contacts that he may have that would really help to move my project forward.