This blog is the second in a series of posts documenting my experience on Essential Digital Skills for Museum Professionals, a Mu.SA (Museum Sector Alliance) course.

So far we have covered:

  • Terminology + methods for sourcing and managing data + information
  • Digital tools for museum business strategies.
  • How to match needs to technological responses
  • Technology trends in museums
  • Communication ‘Netiquette’
  • Innovation + Leadership
  • Creative use of technologies (source: Mu.Sa)

The online teaching format uses a combination of video lectures  and written material, followed by short assessments. Each topic is covered by a different  expert, so the delivery style varies. There are forums where you can talk to other participants (as well as  the tutors) but it’s not mandatory.

The great advantage of the course has been its flexibility. I have had the freedom to fit study around my own schedule. In order to get into the right frame of mind, I find it easier attempt several units at a time. The tutors recommend you block out 10 hours per week to study this course.