A 15 minute journey into Europe.

Stand 1 and 2 Grimsby Town opposite the library.


The bus twists and turns around the town centre.

Crosses Corporation Bridge.

The bus empties as we progress…

Turn left along Boulevard…


I think of being timeless.

Travel along the A180. The engine groans.

I feel sad because I can’t halt time.

I crane my neck rightwards and gaze across Europarc flickering through the bus window.

The Europarc sign has faded some more since my 2014 explorations.

Eurobus exits left and rise upwards on the tarmac ramp of The Stallingborough Interchange.

Bus driver turns right around the first roundabout.

I look across the A180. I think of Europarc’s former resident X lost at the M180 Services as a dirty white plastic sheet flaps on a dead tree.

I still feel hope – for something.

Pass Beechwood Farm pub to the left.

Press bell.

Bus stops outside The Centre of Eternal Innovation.

‘Cheers mate.’

I get off and progress along Innovation Way…



…and we walked along Lakeside on Europarc…

X3 magpies were singing.

The fountain was still in operation.

The fisherman scrambled. A golden fish leaping from his hands.

‘Ye just missed that…look…’