I’ve been busy organising and hanging a members’ group exhibition at Art Space Portsmouth, hence no blog for a while.

The exhibition, About Time, was part of The Lost Hour, city wide cultural events celebrating the change to British Summer Time. Over half our members took part and showed a wide variety of works, some not quite understanding the term ‘small’!

I was not sure what to produce for the exhibition, but after chatting to Tanya, who is helping me with this project, we came up with Grow An Exhibition as the subject. Or rather my ACE application. I have been taking note of all the meetings, emails, etc. that I have had to enable me to submit my funding application. I created blank calendar sheets and then wrote in my notes, some of them comical or out of desperation!

The exhibition was very well received and we kept it up longer than normal to enable a visit from another studio group to see the work of our artists.

That was the good part of the last few weeks. Last week was not a good one. On Tuesday, while working in The Garden @ Art Space, I cut my finger with secateurs. A trip to the local treatment centre followed, with a dressing, tetanus jab and antibiotics. Then to finish off the week, last Friday THE letter arrived in the post. The Arts Council turned down my application for funding, which is a big disappointment as I thought it was a really good, inclusive project. However, the project is still going ahead as planned. I’m having a few days to think things over before starting the application process again and re-applying… or re-sowing as I like to think!