Right. Now Contract and Insurance is nearly sorted, time for some work!

Starting with a studio sort out and chucking lots away to give me space to make and think.

Reviewing what I’ve made recently and what will be my next step? What could be the most exciting way to explore listening through writing in paint? I don’t know yet, but I feel like doing layers of writing, so the surface is made up from many ‘listening’ periods.

There is an influence from my reading about Rebecca Salter in the book into the light of things.


Now is a point when I’ve had to step back from making and get on with getting an exhibition in a local business hung. This, I now realise, involves doing everything yourself. And sorting out a contract and insurance for the first time, alongside creating labels and getting them onto foamboard and ready for the wall is quite time consuming. And – even just with 6 artists- so many amendments, which leads me to think, co-ordinating an exhibition needs to be done in an ultra organised (I’ve tried!) manner.

Another two exhibitions on the horizon, in September, one as part of the h.Art Young Open exhibition in Hereford and the other h.Art but at a House 20 minutes North of the city (tbc).

So, the plan is, get the admin out of the way and get making again. (I’d hoped I could keep painting while organising, but I was wrong!!)

So – a lesson to learn here- it’s hard to reserve time for own work in middle of preparing for an exhibition!

(Though I have spent a few days at degree shows too! Cardiff CASD13 and I stumbled upon Chelsea School of Art while on way to Tate Britain)

So- I need to become better at handling distractions and prioritising if I’m going to get any of my own painting done.


Today I’m doing more preparation for an exhibition of 2nd year HCA work in a business in Hereford. I’m getting together the hanging kit (hanging on tuesday) and label making kit (making labels on monday).

More urgently right now I am deciding which of my transition and listening canvas’ to put on stretchers, attactching fixings and deciding on prices.

I’ve decided that having a list of my individual pieces, with their size/medium/date completed would be useful and so am compiling this as well. This can help me keep track of work that I have exhibited and where they have been!


The end of project ‘Art Practice 2’ is a good time to reassess what I’m doing and my methods of getting there.
My Transition and Listen sets of work have had their own momentum and now I feel the need to continue and resolve the Listening series. It hasn’t run its course yet, but I need to evaluate where I’m getting with it more thoroughly.
As with the transition lot, I reckon it would be a good test to do the listening pieces on a larger scale still.
And what are the most appropriate media to use? Something up to date with modern culture. Coming to terms with the possibility that I am not necessarily ‘a painter’ but something less definite, maybe a visual artist.

The method I am now fixated on (and it is awful to be like this as I want to be open) is the one of bringing my idea right up to the present. Currently typing (would have to see if there are statistics about this to verify) seems to be the most popular way of writing, but voice recognition software is becoming more affordable and popular so I was considering a way to incorporate this knowledge into my work. What I am curious about is what would happen if I installed a laptop with voice recognition software turned on in a room (for instance the Fine Art studio) and I left it running picking up bits of conversations and noises in the room, which it then transcribed onto the screen. I know the microphone wont pick up as much as we pick up ourselves – but what would happen? Has anyone else tried this – surely someone has!

This is a costly way of making work. If I have a budget of nothing – how do I respond?


My work leading up until this point is on http://catherinewynnepaton.tumblr.com/ to give context.

In my year (current 2nd) we’ve been stressing over deadlines and yesterday (seems like last week!) I’d handed in everything for the year. It was a delight to see so much of what our group have been creating in the past few months.

Tomorrow we get set something for the next few weeks.

I’ll be continuing to develop my existing work.

The final year starts here and I’m making the time at college count and prepare myself for continuing my practice beyond college.

My extra curricular activities are taking up much of my time:

I’m on the h.Art Young Exhibition steering group (part of herefordshire art week),
I’m editor of our student newsletter Palette and I’m trying to set up trial art workshops to hold over the summer.

So, to balance this is a delicate task. Nealy impossible, and that’s the way I like it.