The longest street of Middle East cuts straight through Tehran from the North to the South. Its name is Vali Asr and it took 6 hrs to walk.

With the camera hung around my neck I took some images at random whenever my eyes caught glimpse of something. It soon became clear that I was transfixed by a certain subject.

That I would be interested in all things veiled did not come as a surprise to me. All I knew was that the camera had to hang around my neck at all times, as I was not to make use of my eye to frame the subject, and faces should at all cost be avoided in the images.

As I was walking I remember thinking that I must look for softness- much like how curtains add softness to a room, while also insisting on the option of privacy.

My walking companion, seen below in a red roosari (headscarf) in front of the the tower of freedom (Azadi Tower), made sure we kept an eye out for the moral police, adhered to the dress-code without compromising our integrity too much and stepped in when my much too western personality conflicted with the Iranian culture in a manner that might leave us a sour taste. Without my walking companion and all the Persian hospitality we encountered along the way my mapping of Tehran through walking would simply not have been possible.

My walking companion seen again below in grey and in floral roosari (head scarf).