Finally after a calling, which for the past 4 years have made itself particularly heard, I made it to the desert only to find that it is a lifelong journey as opposed to a short visit.

For this first visit, because of temperatures reaching 45 degrees Celcius, me and my tour guide had to spend the days in the city of Kashan, an old city of Iran, and drive to the desert in the evening. We chose Kashan as it is a relatively close drive to the desert and because it is one of Iran´s most famous poet´s hometown. The poet is Sohrab Sepehri and he writes,

I don’t know
Why a horse is a noble animal, and a dove is lovely
And why no one keeps a vulture.
I don’t know why a clover should be inferior to a red tulip.
We need to rinse our eyes, and view things differently.

– S. Seperhi poem I don´t know

While driving to and through the desert, I wonder if this is what being alone looks like. And a thought occurs to me, if one can move through the terror that follows a certain type of bareness one might attain some proximity to self.. and in addition to the Other.

Others have ventured into the desert also. There was an uncanny sense to man-made buildings in the desert.


I found these little plants in the desert. Inside, these have seeds. When you shake it it makes a sound. I collected these. I wanted to create a sound of the desert alternative to the deafening and awe-some silence that echoes there.