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short version/teaser:

Remember… the rhythm of the see saw. Up and down, up and down.

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Supported by the University of Westminster and Arts Council England.

long version – to be sent on one week + various mailing lists:

Remember… the rhythm of the see saw. Up and down, up and down.

Many times in life, we are seeking safety outside ourselves. This is usually influenced by fear of change rather than by facts. Individual feelings of safety are closely related to the actual physiological (food, clothing and shelter) and psychological needs (love, recognition and affiliation with others). This is, however, only a starting point in exploration of various angles of meaning of safety in our life today.

In This Place of Safety is a new large-scale outdoor audiovisual installation by artist Larisa Blazic, looking into how safe do we feel and why. The installation can be heard each day and seen each night at Novas Contemporary Urban Centre from14 July – 20 July 2008.

Artist talk, private view and lovely Japanese DJs on 17th July 2008, 7.00pm – 10.30pm

Novas Contemporary Urban Centre

73-81 Southwark Bridge Road

London, SE1 0NQ

Supported by the University of Westminster and Arts Council England.

Part of London Festival of Architecture 2008.

plus pictures.


haven't written anything about the project yet. this time somehow feels hard to share all about it. but let's start – so far i had one day of filming – the weather is really not helping today. it was supposed to be the second day of filming – but big, heavy clouds with miniature patches of clear skies are not the ideal weather if you want to get the best colours…

therefore, i'm spending time updating website and finishing postcard/invite for print. will try and get a quote from printers too and then just run-through the copy with novas art director tomorrow afternoon.

hunt for projectors is on :) have money to hire some of the projectors/dvd players i need, so i'm still heavily relaying on help from friends…

other stuff on my to do list:


– film swings, rotating toy, and coupe bouncing ones that i already filmed to finish first four nights

– find more playgrounds/toys to film (need 3 more to finish)

– buy dvds

sound recording:

– do individual interviews with children (so far i have 3 kids to work with – need more)

– record more ice cream van chimes

gallery/preparation of installation:

– measure windows to finalise number of projectors.

– unblock windows on floors 2&3

– take off lettering from 1st floor windows

– check if i can take off one potential barterer to create continual strip of projections on 1st floor gallery windows

err, list is longer – but will not put all now… keep on thinking about an old zen saying i heard last week: in journey is the goal…

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