I hope you are well, Spring is here and London is full of blossom. I just finished a short video course organised by 198 CAL gallery and Photofusion Photography Centre. This was fun. I met a great group of people and learnt a lot. My final assignment was to make a short movie. Now, I would like to invite you to watch video I made ‘Landscape sketchbook’ about my drawing practice and connection with nature. I hope you will enjoy it :)







The recent series “Landscape Sketchbook” I made in the time of lockdown with coloured pencils, a medium that feels very gentle and contemplative to me. These small landscapes are intimate explorations of wild territories – as remembered or imagined. I hoped to convey in them elements of melancholy and longing. Dreams of distant walks, evenings spent on looking far into the horizon, conversations.


If you are interested to see any of the drawings featured in the movie you can see more on my website also we can always arrange a studio visit where you can browse through more works, just drop me a line here or email.





Landscape Sketchbook




‘Landscape sketchbook’ it’s a collection of work driven by nature and landscape. Although not historically my main topic it’s been present in my practice since I can remember.

Our bodies know more than we do… muscle memory in movements, searching for light. Perspiration.

Drawing notes of lonely adventures and surprising encounters in green spaces.

Drawing requires repetition of gesture, like running or walking. Using pencils, making a line, finding empty path.

Trees are the greatest storytellers. Forever connected. It feels good to just stop and look up when passing by.

I’m searching for wilderness in a local park. Finding only crumbs of empty spaces. Changing focus…