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TATE Britain, London

On the 3rd June, 2016; I went to visit London, along with friends (artists in their own different ways), to spend the day visiting art galleries and other activities that interest us. We went to visit Tate Britain (in there was exhibitions of the Turner Collection and Mark Rothko’s Room 3: The Seagram Murals), Tate Modern and a few others, seeing different exhibitions from different art perceptions and art movements. For me personally, it was going in Tate Britain that was my main focus to our one day trip, as I wanted to find and discover John Martin’s (1789 – 1854) “The Last Judgement” Series, to help with my dissertation and seeing them in first person, to help me understand more of Martin’s extraordinary paintings.

  • A selection of paintings in TATE Britain, including John Martin’s The Plains of Heaven (1851-3)
  • A close up of The Plains of Heaven

During my visit at Tate Britain in our morning, I could only found one of them displayed, which was “The Plains of Heaven”, and finally getting to see his work in front of my very own eyes, especially comparing to other paintings that are displayed around it, really stands out as the main attraction of that section. Upon seeing this painting, I have both used it as part of my dissertation, and to recreate it in my own version, as the painting’s peaceful subject matter and the nature that catches the imagination to the artist and everyone else who sees one of Martin’s masterpieces.