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Ebony and Ivory

This project focuses on the effect and the invert of the black and white images, by using Adobe Photoshop to help me make this possible, and I have focus on recreation, by using the subject matters that I have use for my previous project, “Travels of Sketches” and turn them into paintings and working on a different material (cardboard)

Covehithe Church (Threshold)
Back at March, I had a group tutorial about our work, and my lecturer and four other work colleagues have given me ideas for my studies and my lecturer suggested I should “recreate” some of my drawings I did for my “Travels of Sketches” project, into paintings, focusing on black and white, instead of colours, must like the drawings that haven’t got any colours. Thus the project was made for my next study.

Athena Hall (Threshold & Invert)

I have got the idea of looking into the past and present elements of my subject matters, after one of the lecturers have viewed my drawings from my “Travels of Sketches”, and pointed it out about how interesting each drawing have different looking architectures, in terms of the appearances and the materials that the buildings have featured. This has given me the idea of viewing into this detail, and I decide to capture my paintings, using only black and white, because of the age period of the subject matters, given it that old appearance; also my drawings are colourless, borrowing the inspiration from that. I also got back into using cardboard, and the reason for this, is because not only it’s different to work with, but it’s the material of it, the texture it has got, and upon painting my images on it, it gives me that “worn” and “used” appearance, showing that the pictures have been around for a long while.

Covehithe Church (Invert)
The title is an reference to the Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder song of the same name, as “Ebony and Ivory” are the keys on a piano (Ebony are the black keys, and Ivory are the white keys).