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Paris, August

This comprehensive catalogue retraces the important moments in the history of 19th century art. Its original presentation brings to life the paintings of the Orsay Museum collection, namely. – The history of the major movements in painting from 1848 to 1914

  • Back Cover of “A Fuller Understanding of the Paintings at the Orsay Museum”
  • The Grand Palais

This project focuses on my love of Paris, by recreating scenes that I have visited during my holiday there back at 2013, and took inspirations from visiting the Orsay Museum and brought a book, which feature famous French Impressionism paintings that are display all around  in the museum. I decide to use these inspirations to work on this project, especially after watching a film that made me want to create this.

  • The Orsay Museum

The book I brought back from my trip to Paris, titled “A Fuller Understanding of the Paintings at the Orsay Museum”, tells and review the great movements in the history of French painting between 1848 and 1914. Inspired by the beauty and richness of the works of art, it views the paintings that are displayed at the Orsay Museum, and gives the histories and descriptions of the artworks, and the artists that created the paintings. This book and my trip to Paris have been major inspirations for my studies and interests to the French art, especially the Impressionism, and artists, like Vincent van Gogh, Paul Cezanne and Paul Gauguin. The book has helped me explore my understandings of their art, and learning their stories and the colours and styles that they use to create their masterpieces

  • The Commander

Paris, Texas
Release date:  24th October, 1984
Distributed: Argos Films (France)
During my spare time after a day at university, I took an interest in watching this Wim Wenders classic; his story of one man’s journey to the desert in order to escape an urban situation is used as a metaphor for the country that Wenders says has “colonised our imaginations.” I wanted to watch this, because not only of its legacy and cultural the film carries; throughout music to video games, but because of the critical acclaim reception and the messages that it carries about life and family. The film captures the powerful emotions throughout the story, and thanks to the beautiful cinematography and colours; the shots of each landscapes really do become their own characters, and it influenced me to capture that same feeling to my paintings.

Bayle, F. (2011) A Fuller Understanding of the Paintings at the Orsay Museum. Musee d’Orsay, Paris, France