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The animation is about to enter user testing/feedback. Where I will ask a few people to jot down times in the animation where it is either too flashy, repetitive, dull etc. So that I can polish it in editing before publishing it digitally.

I enjoy the cyclical process of work never being in one state or static. That it reinvents itself. That it is breathing out of its binary state (digital format) into a light state (projection) before returning to its binary state. Evolving and picking up mass as it journeys through these states. Like a sound recording on magnetic tape, that picks up ambient noise. This process of manifesting adds qualities and textures to the recaptured, re-encoded work. Whilst also shedding some of itself in the process. Leaving those behind in the ephemeral transaction as it passes though.

Time permitting I would have projected and filmed it again.



Tutorial: I had a good tutorial, discussing elements of the project that had not worked as intended. Mainly the participation aspects. For the second project. I will be working harder on guidelines and information to possible participants and the communications around my projects in general. Whilst also looking critically at how other artists, galleries and exhibitions are promoting. I also need to consider the information within the space, for viewers. My current “think for yourself” strategy, is detracting from the wider purpose and needs to be reformed.

Consensual hallucination experienced daily by billions of legitimate users in the Sprawl – Neuromancer – William Gibson

I feel positive about what I am doing so far. The seminars about curation have pushed me into a new set of themes. I am reading Neuromancer – William Gibson and my research is looking at texts that deal with cyber space. The vocabulary and imagery is appealing. There are clear parallels with the concerns of power, media and value (commodity/product/function). With these contemporary texts and the older texts (Marx, Debord) that I am pursuing as part of my dissertation.

They are becoming comforting veins of thought as I look to extend my practice into new spheres and themes.