So here we are! The first 30 Day Creative Gathering of 2021 has ended. Here are my new Shop Front mixed media paintings created over the last thirty days. It actually feels strange not to be painting now as I’ve awarded myself a day off for the first time since January. As with all of these intense periods of creating, I can feel my paintings gathering their own wills and dictating to me how detailed they’ll be and how long they’ll take (sounds strange I know, but trust me, they’re all as stubborn as their artist). These lovely beings have taken their own sweet while to gestate. The actual painting production time has increased exponentially as the collages that lie beneath the paint gained in complexity. I expanded the surface size of most of these paintings too, something I’ve wanted to do for ages.  I’m hoping to continue the new Shop Front collection (at a more sedate pace) and exhibit them at the Steadings Gallery (Balmacara Square IV40 8DJ)  in April if current coronavirus restrictions are lifted. I’ll keep you posted on that one.

Here’s where you can browse all my new Shop Front paintings: Lynne Forrester, Artist: Abstract Doorways – Lynne Forrester Artist


Find swathes of bright and beautiful plumage tumbling out of my windows, like children spilling into a school playground. This carefully coiffed street is debating how to respond to all this unruly ruffling, but decides it’ll reserve judgement for a while and the flowers continue their happy babbling.

Unruly Ruffling (mixed media painting on canvas, 50x50cm/19.5″x19.5″)

Shop: Lynne Forrester, Artist: Unruly Ruffling


Blushing blooms abound as the sunshine coaxes even the most bashful to show their faces. No shyness now as each each petal extends for that warm touch.

Blushing Blooms (mixed media on canvas, 50x50cm/19.5″x19.5″)

Shop: Lynne Forrester, Artist: Blushing Blooms



I can feel my stone roots sinking as I’m slowly enveloped in the growth of all this beauty as the seasons progress. Some plants rise and uplift their buds whereas others stretch languidly across my canopy. The true spirit of natural growth lives here.

True Spirit (mixed media painting on canvas, 50x50cm/19.5″x19.5″)

Shop: Lynne Forrester, Artist: True Spirit


Welcome to my pavilion of blooms! Wander around the sumptuously tempting heads, encased in their lusciously unfurled leaves and find a nook to rest here. Tea and biscuits will appear as if by magic in a flurry of sparkles, to ease you into this world of wonder.

Pavilion of Blooms (mixed media painting on canvas)

Shop: Lynne Forrester, Artist: Pavilion of Blooms