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Hello Everyone,

I’m going to write these blog posts on behalf of artist Sabina Sallis. I am her partner and main technical support. I’ve never done this before so these first posts may be a bit poor but are sure to heat-up as I get into it.

Initially I just want to draw your attention to links to the exhibition and programme of events.

The exhibition is in the beautiful town of Berwick-upon-Tweed and for anyone in the North can be easily reached by train. So not only can you enjoy the exhibition but also have a nice day out!

Here is a link to information about the main exhibition which runs until September 5th Berwick Visual Arts

There are pop-up exhibitions from local and international artists occurring throughout the exhibition that respond to the themes within the Multispecies Visionary Institute exhibition. Here’s a link Berwick Visual Arts

There is a programme of events- workshops, talks etc. that are based around sustainable land practises. Link –Berwick Visual Arts

And finally there is a programme of live zoom events on Thursday’s- Berwick Visual Arts

The install at Berwick was an amazing experience. It was great to work within such a generous arts organisation and have the space to play with ideas.

Many of the works were made site-specifically. Here’s a photo of Sabina modelling Terra-forming Talismans with bee’s wax honey comb.