sabina sallis profile by gui gomes
Sabina Sallis grew up in rural Subcarpathian Poland; an area saturated by a richness of stories within stories, a land of fantastical tales and practices that allude to the interconnectedness of all things. Her upbringing has had a profound influence on her arts practice and her understanding of Multispecies Worldliness. Now based in Newcastle-upon Tyne, Sabina is currently completing a practice-led PhD at the School of Fine Arts, Newcastle University that investigates aesthetics of sustainability and multimedia visionary scenarios for sustainable futures. She focuses on sustainable land practices, permaculture, and re-indigenizing with local ecosystems through engagement with herbs, bees and hives, earth-based metaphysics, healing practices and bio-mimicry of trophallaxis as cultural praxis. Sabina has a multifaceted approach to arts provision as a researching, collaborating, exhibiting artist and as a curator. She works across mediums and disciplines, using video, photography, drawing, performance, sculpture and speculative narrative in a multimedia, trans-disciplinary way that interweaves fact and fiction. Her artistic practice explores the entanglement between the human mind, knowledge and more-than-human worlds. It speculates about an evolving aesthetics of embedded sensitivity towards life; the human embodied potential and complex, transformative aspects of sustainability aligned with the ethics of flourishing and care. newcastle upon tyne, northeast uk,