‘Welcome! Drawing your attention: to spatial metaphor and mythopoeic laboratory’
I am here to reflectively ponder about my current research  project where I use myth and permaculture to explore the many facets of Sustainability and the nature/culture continuum. I will use this platform as a means to store and share thoughts, images, quotes,conversations amongst other poems and antics! I am looking forward to unfolding how the process progresses and take shapes to myself and to you!


My exhibition have opened on the 20th of February,

I have been very busy, so I didn’t have a chance to look after this blog.


Sabina Sallis : The Source of Resilience  NewBridge Project Space Saturday 21st February – Saturday 28th March

preview: Friday 20th February 6-9pm 

The NewBridge Project presents The Source of Resilience, a solo commission of new work by artist, Sabina Sallis. The Source of Resilience uses myth and permaculture – a branch of ecological design with the ethos of working with, rather than against, nature – to explore the many facets of sustainability and our dynamic relationship with the natural environment.

Using the principles of permaculture as a guide, The Source of Resilience investigates how knowledge and understanding of nature can impact positively upon our attitudes towards it. Sabina examines the concept of mythology and its potential to affect our relationship with the natural environment; can  myth be informed and addressed through modern scientific, anthropological and philosophical understandings of the world?
Through a number of ideological approaches Sabina explores these concerns; examining biodiversity and ecosystems through mythological telling, progressive philosophies and principles of permaculture.
The Source of Resilience welcomes you to enter a realm of equilibrium where human and natural worlds intersect; through video, drawing, sound and sculptural work Sallis invites you to engage with a fictional infectious agent which runs through the installation, slowly and gradually taking over the exhibition ecosystem.

The Source of Resilience is part of a yearlong project supported by Arts Council England, which included Sallis undertaking residencies at Scotswood Community Garden and Abundant Earth Farm, County Durham. Sallis will also be hosting a series of workshops on How the Garden Thinks on 21st, 28th February and 7th March at NewBridge Project Space and Scotswood Community Garden.

Sabina Sallis (b. Lancut, Poland, 1979) based in Newcastle Upon Tyne.
Sabina Sallis works in video, installation, performance, painting, drawing, photography and objects. Sallis’ practice explores the nature-culture dichotomy and experiments with the relationship between mythical imagery and scientific imagery, combining narrative and symbolic elements to create contemplative visual philosophies. Sallis gained her Masters from University of Arts, Poznan in Poland and is currently based in Newcastle upon Tyne.

NewBridge Project Space, 16 Newbridge Street West, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 8AW. Opening hours: Tues-Sat 12-6pm.
The NewBridge Project and The Source of Resilience is kindly supported by Arts Council England. The Source of Resilience is curated by Kasia Sobucka, Arts Territory London. 


” The purpose of art is not to mediate a shuttling back and forth between radically opposed and mutually exclusive domains of mind and world, inhabited respectively by images and objects, but rather to bind mind and world in an ongoing movement. That movement is nothing less than life itself, and it is the impulse of life that gives rise to the forms we see. Art, then does not imitate nature, for at root, art and nature spring from the same source”  Tim Ingold


Fruitful and satisfying research yields sustainable practice and massively contributes towards exhibition.

More images and thoughts to follow!