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We had a meeting for our exhibition with the Art Station, 25/01/21. We  discussed our poster, title and thinking of how the film is going to work e.g. with how we approach the lay out for the house. We are going to create more films within our house so that I can begin to piece a draft of the film together so we get a feel about how it will flow through from start of finish. See image below of meeting initial notes.

See the updated poster below for the group & Instagram square poster for the ‘take over’ week. This is new territory for us and means we have a different range of elements to consider creating an online exhibition. We settled on using 3 images throughout the day of our instagram take over so the Art Station’s Instagram is not overloaded but displayed enough. Using stories possibly between uploads.

The other new area is the website, the lay out can depend on how successful it is, see initial drawings below. We have to think about how to place our main film/image below our own individual bios about us/our work, alongside considering on having a slide show under our own bios and film/photo to show extras we have within the exhibition.

Reflection 27/02/21: Jane created the website for us, here’s the link!

For this, developing artist bio and group bio for the exhibition, I started by writing the starts of the group bio for everyone to look at, add and change so its got everyones take on it. We have also discussed the route to go with the film, currently we are considering using the front door, to the kitchen, to the living room, under the stairs, stairwell/hallway and finally the spare room. This may change when we experiment but it seems the most logical without confusing the audience. As my room is first, the kitchen, it would make sense for me to film going through my front door towards the kitchen.

Reflection 29/01/21: This appears to be very successful now, lights/fairy lights in the hallway etc work well with introducing the audience to the image of us working within our homes/feels homey to them too.


I continually experimented with the way I want to showcase my work, see below. I’m unsure if we are involving stills. Reflection 29/03/21: Instead we used different sections of filming eg. stills, film and edited them together, we decided as a group ti allowed try audience to have a feeling of all aspects to the work e.g. images = details.

I decided to try The Haze of Social Media projected see below, Something I love from this is the colour from the projector reflected in the breasts themselves. The moving textures, skin tones and scale. Is still photography stronger?

Reflection 29/01/21: I think colouration is what has become most successful with projection for this exhibition as it brings the space alive in different ways.

I wanted to revert back to my performance work for this exhibition as that was most successful from my group crits. I feel it could work well with the relation to the domestic setting and the physicality of the clay breast.

Reflection 29/01/21: It was the movement that causes a distraction with the sculptures too, it would be successful if it was in a simpler space and not behind breast sculptures as the attention draws away from the breasts. This is where I realised different works suit different spaces.


See below, I have used Only Touch With CLEAN Hands projecting over the kitchen. I like the imagery and relation to the cleaning of the hands as it settles with the image of us students working from home due to COVID, as well as this image of women needed to be clean/perfect/untouched. The handling of the breasts above the oven and the projection on the breasts, explores the visual of the objectification women face within the home/kitchen. I wasn’t sure about using my performance work again, but I think (?) it works well for the final film with it being a moving piece.

Reflection 29/01/21: Too much was happening with the film as well and wasn’t very successful as you couldn’t clearly see the hands. The camera adapts the colouration fo the projection when you move/film moves so this didn’t work.