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I took all my new gear to the studio.

Once alone, I took a deep breath, then started.

I carefully took it all out of the boxes.

I assembled the mic stand, figured out the pop shield and shock thingy. I screwed and adjusted and got it wrong and started all over again.


I booted up the macbook ready

I got out the interface little red box.

I unwound the leads.

I plugged plugs into sockets, I flicked switches.

Lights came on.


But it appears no one was home.

Certainly not me that’s for sure!


I clicked on the screen for various options for input and output, trying desperately to remember what Jamie and Dan had said.


WHY didn’t I make notes?


WHY didn’t I at least take photos of all the settings on red box and screen?


BECAUSE I was over-excited and stupid that’s why.


I can do a great line in feedback…

And I had the small amount of knowledge required to move the microphone away from everything else to cure it.

So now I’m stuck with two weeks of having to attend to something else until I have the time and space to sort it out.

Christmas is happening in a different dimension in which I am temporarily stuck for a couple of weeks. There is probably a Doctor Who analogy that I could use, to enable me to do both things at once… no? Ok.


I’m looking forward to Christmas, of course! My boys (men) are both home, and we have stuff to celebrate! It will be lovely….


oh but….


…in my studio lies unresolved frustration… I cannot get the technology to register my voice exists, let alone record it! I swear I have tried every combination of switches, knobs, settings and clickings, but can’t get it to work.


So my determination to be up and running and to have some sort of relationship with this object before Dan comes in is severely thwarted!


I expect he will come in, me having torn out all hair watching YouTube “how to” videos… he will amble up to the mic and say…

“E, you haven’t flicked the Secret Idiocy Guard Switch”  and all will be well.