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I can be a bit of a liability if truth be known…

This afternoon I had an interview about nine women on a local radio station.
I was witty and erudite I’m sure… I was told I had a great radio voice…. Better than being told I’ve got a great radio face that’s for sure!
All was going well, I’d introduced myself, said where I was from and a little bit about the music…

“So, Elena, I hear your project involves ladies’ underwear?”

The correct answer to this question is, “yes, Trev!”

The answer to this question, at 3:30 on a Tuesday afternoon, when all the kiddies are listening on their way home from school is definitely NOT

“All the best things do, Trev!”
(as I listen back, I swear I hear a cheeky wink and Sid James laughing)

Oh gawwwwddddd…….
I slapped my hand over my mouth and glared in horror at Trev, too late. It was out there.
No hole opened up below me, however fervently I wished for it. I apologised. I don’t know if that just made it worse. Trev said not to worry about it.

I don’t know what came over me.
Actually I do… It’s just me isn’t it? I say stuff I think will be funny, I say stuff just for the giggle. However inappropriate. Before my brain has got into gear. Most of the time in my life, especially these days when I’m no longer spending hours with young children, I just blurt.

Oh well… I also mentioned the cake… Maybe a few people will turn up for the rude jokes, and some will turn up for the cake. What is it they say about no such thing as bad publicity?

Despite all of that, as I listen to myself, I think it’s ok… It’s not bollocksy, I think it is accessible to people. I think there’s plenty in it for people to relate to, and enough to make people curious about how the hell it will all sit together perhaps.

Deep breath, onto the next thing!
I would just love it to bits if some of my blog readers turned up… Did I happen to mention there will be cake?

The interview is now online… But not sure how long for…

Thank you for listening!

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