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I thought I had escaped it this time. How naïve of me!

In the middle of yesterday afternoon it hit me – Thump – The Slump.

Ridiculous. I know it will pass, thank goodness. But oh how I hate it.

That sense of loss, unworthiness, thankfully not depression, but a definite sadness. Accompanied by sloth, biscuits and the same cd, over and over again (Tunng “Good Arrows”).

The nine women have come down, and the vinyl letters off the wall. The music is unplugged, the speakers removed from the gallery. Textiles wrapped in tissue, boxed, sealed and labelled.

I had thought the new work ideas would see me over the slump. Apparently not. So, accept, and sluggishly crawl on until something unfathomable sparks the energies again. It needs to happen, I have stuff to do, people to follow up, opportunity not to be missed. But I have also learned that to write to people, or phone them in this state is counter-productive “You’re not interested in my work are you? No I didn’t think you would be. I apologise, I’ll not trouble you again, goodbye”

So I will leave it a while.

I nearly have video, I have great photos, I’m contemplating a new website launch. With vibrant media to show people, I can approach with confidence and a certain joie de vivre which is, at the moment, hiding in the cupboard under the stairs.

So, I leave you with a selection of those gorgeous photos taken by the talented and wonderful Laura Rhodes at curiousrosephotography.com

The last photo is of my two sons… discovering that one has cheered me up considerably!

See you when I find the key to that cupboard under the stairs…


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