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So here we have it…

This is a slightly edited version (to protect the innocent) of my evaluation of the project to wind it all up….


On review and reflection, the Nine Women project has been successful in fulfilling the goals set out in my original application.

Evaluation throughout the project was both qualitative and quantitative. Footfall for events was recorded; comments book made available; peer-to-peer discussions occurred during open studio and private events; photographs and video recordings made from exhibition and private view evening; comments were collected on social media; a blog “Nine Women” was written on a-n.co.uk.




Photography and video made are available to view on both my website:


and the photographer’s: 



Comments made were mainly positive, or at least enquiring. Discussion with the public prompted new ideas, connections and ways of working, as well as establishing contact with other artists, musicians, and groups in the area.




In terms of my personal learning, the project has gone beyond my plans and expectations. A selection of bras and songs as an interim exhibition travelled to the United States (unfortunately I was unable to afford to go with it) for a joint show “WORN” with Jodi S. Hopper at The 3rd on 3rd Gallery in Jamestown, New York. I was fortunate though to be able to travel to Sweden to show a selection of the bras and do a live performance at ArtMobile in Vasteras near Stockholm. 

My original application included an appearance on local radio to announce the start of the project. At the end of June, the project made an additional appearance as myself and Dave Sutherland (one of the session musicians who took part in the recordings) played two of the songs live during one of their prime time shows. 

I have bought new equipment, previously unfamiliar, that I am now using on a regular basis to record, write and produce with. Design work for marketing materials has also made use of new skills and technologies, particularly iPad and art apps.


I had not originally planned to perform the songs live, but as the project went on, it became more possible due to an increase in confidence, and a sense that I should take the opportunity to bring the songs to a live listening audience. This performance, alongside the songwriting circle and immersion workshops has led to my participation in writing in a band, and we have our first official performance booked for January 29th at Artists’ Workhouse near Redditch. 

My skills in recording and the practice of singing so much more than I have previously, have led to my now being able to independently record and produce recordings of a quality that is now appropriate for showing with my textile pieces. This was the main aim of the project, and has certainly been achieved. Recordings have been posted on social media and links to soundcloud recordings of several of the songs can be found on my website.


My future plans see the Nine Women installation travelling further, as I am keen to explore how it would sit and be received in other environments. I am beginning work on another project, directly stemming from work and discussion following Nine Women. As I will need a larger space to carry them out, I am currently searching for a new studio hopefully within a community of artists rather than on my own, as I believe this will aid my professional development further. 






I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank Arts Council England for supporting me during this year. It has been a life-changing, brain-changing project which has propelled me into areas I could not have anticipated at the beginning of the year. I look forward to my next projects with confidence, ambition, and keen anticipation.


Elena Thomas



(I also thank those of you that have read the blog, followed the project, visited me, participated, made comments here and on various other platforms… it’s been a blast!)