I'm writing this morning after a very busy opening last night. There is always a feeling of sadness after previews (admittedly it could be the hangover!) I feel bereft now the adrenalin of the past few weeks has ebbed away. The show looks amazing, everyone worked so hard. There is now a little part of Derby that exudes expression (for a week anyway). The response was fantastic, visitors last night commented on how it felt like a real treat to be given the experience.

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I am very tired. My work is being relegated. I had neglected to insure whilst organizing noparking that I manage time efficiently. I am notorious for it – will I ever learn!!!!!!!>>>>. I am still experimenting with stuff and the piece I am putting in the shop feels 'unevolved'.

Because I am shattered the whole pre-show panic thing has reached irrational proportions…..its always obvious that Im losing it when the irratic, exaggerated punctuation comes out./////

Humph. This is what I know:

Networking and publicity will eat up your whole day.

Having children will eat up your whole soul…..and any time that was left over from the networking and publicity.

Even if you are completely exhausted you will not be able to sleep because you will have total recall in the middle of the night of all the things you forgot when you were supposed to remember them in the daytime.

I am going to close now for I am beginning to sound too much like Adrian Mole.