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Having so far spent about half of this project carving baskets, I am delighted to say that after a further 5 days behind the curtain, the last main basket object is done, and inking up is just around the corner!

Of course, when this is all over and I look back I’ll probably imagine this was a golden time of pleasant afternoons spent whittling away, whilst listing to the radio and sipping coffee…rather than 11 hour shifts and wrist strain! do I slightly wish these bits would have carved themselves.

But I have been able to go with quite a handmade look, doing only the most basic laying out, the rest being entirely worked out as I went along, and this was really satisfying. I also feel it better represents the origins and references that I am so keen to show.

On this last bit of basketry, I envisioned a section with little animal arms that could be slotted in between other printing blocks. but foolishly as I finished the second ‘paw’ I spotted a mistake. I hadn’t left enough room for the paws to sit either side of any of the lower body sections I’ve made so far!

So close and yet so far. I figured I would complete the piece with a gap in the centre, whereby I could cut the block in two and insert an extra centre piece, extending the paws out so as not to overlap anywhere…

… and leaving the trim un-carved so I can adapt it with whatever shape I end up with!