Continuing to develop my work, take steps to come out from under my rock, connect with other artists and get my work seen… any bit of time I can snatch. I am starting this new blog to help keep me on track and prove that those little cracks of time can add up to a productive art practice.


My time is now completely fractured and I can no longer be bothered with a blog that seems to me now to have its premise in the negative aspect of my lack of time to make.

I have a new direction (mantra even) and I am calling it…. ‘Illuminated Falling’- so to a new blog adventure.


Feeling Reflective.

2011 has proved to be a very busy year for me, I started this blog concerned with how I could have a practice in the small amount of time I have after work and family take their share. So in this period of rest after a very busy year I am looking back on what I have managed.

I wanted to connect with other artists and this is certainly the case. Through Artsxarta the art group I am in and the monthly meetings I have in my village with a small group of artists. I am also involved with the Visual Art Committee for the next Bollington Festival in 2014.

As for getting my work seen I have been included in 5 group exhibitions with Artsxsta in Macclesfield , Buxton and Newcastle Under Lyme.

I had two pieces of work selected for the Stockport Contemporary at Stockport City Art Gallery and through this got a contact from Everyman Art gallery in Chorlton, Manchester where I have been included in 2 group shows.

I participated in a pop up Arts and Crafts weekend and had my first solo show “Forms and Feelings” at Bollinton Arts Centre in September.

High points:-

Getting selected for the Stockport Contemporary Open as the submission was so high.

My solo show, seeing my work as a collection, all the lovely feedback and even a small amount of sales.

Low points:-

Not being selected for the East Cheshire Hospice Art Fair in 2012 despite good feedback from my solo show because I failed to sell anything when I took part in 2010.

Spending so much time sorting out framing, lists, statements, meetings and hangings that in the second half of the year I have hardly had time to make new work.

For the New Year:-

Finding the balance between making new art and exhibiting.

Illuminated Falling, it is the new work….could be a new blog

HAPPY NEW YEAR To all at an and on Artists Talking.


Well it feels funny now the show is up and the preview is over my to-do list(with regard to the exhibition) complete and I feel disinclined to start another one just yet. The hanging was hard work it seemed to take much longer than I thought, my partner Mike was helping but we had to pick the kids up before we had finished. They got board sitting in the gallery trying to be good while we got done.

The preview was good, quiet at first but then a steady stream of people after that and every one said lovely things. I even sold some work, it may even be enough to cover my framing and other costs. I feel like I should be having a rest now but realise I have so far got 4 group shows and one pop up gallery show to participate in before Christmas. Things seem to be snowballing on the exhibition front but what I really want to do now is get back in the studio and make some new work. The last three months seem to have been about finishing stuff off and organising.


Full Steam Somewhere

Things got a bit busy busy, making work, exhibiting work and then my solo show which I am hanging this Friday! I operate in cracks of time and when things get a bit mad I just have to set priorities and let some things go for a bit such as regularly updating this blog.

I have a lot of mirror plating to do and another box or two of wine to buy but I think its all good to go. If any one is in the Cheshire area on Sunday please pop along or on one of the other Sundays till the 9th October.


Lots happening so I am not going to dwell on my lack of recent posts. I did start a couple of posts but didn’t finish them. My time to make work has been erratic but it does somehow still trickle out.

It looks like June is going to be a very busy month. With the submission to an open exhibition I am thinking of trying for, the preview and opening of the Jobling Gowler competition exhibition and the Barnaby exhibition. I am very excited about the Macclesfield Barnaby Festival so much fab art coming right to our doorstep. Here is a link to the full listings and our exhibition (artsXstra) opening on the 16th June. There are quite a lot of the group putting in work about 25 artists in a range of media. I am going to put in 4 pieces two oils and two small lino prints that I have just got back from framing. I have had some extra mounts cut so I can also put some in the print racks.