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Having fun one day experimenting with drawing inks by painting water onto paper first then adding drops of ink to the wet patches in order to see how it would react, some beautiful patterns emerged. However, this got me thinking about space, but more specifically the space contained within the water on the paper and space within the paper itself. (The paper in question is Windsor & Newton Bristol Board Extra Smooth 250gsm with Windsor & Newton drawing inks.)
I then took it a stage further by applying droplets of water to the surface of the paper then adding small amounts of ink to the droplets. The initial effects made me think even more about the space in contained in the now droplet of water.

After the water had evaporated I was left with this image

So here I am contemplating two opposite ends of the scale. At one end I’m looking at how we perceive the space around us in our environment and at the other, perception of a space contained within a droplet of water.