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The mould has turned out really well with no real signs of air bubbles on surface to be cast with resin.

Ready to make the first casting of my ‘large water droplet’ and again as with the silicone rubber, the polyester resin and catalyst has to mixed in precise quantities. The catalyst is added at 1% of the amount of resin used. In this case 2ooml of resin was used so there was just 2ml of catalyst. Any more catalyst and the resin may overheat and therefore discolour and/or crack.

Had to be careful mixing the 2 parts to avoid bubbles, but thankfully these materials both have low viscosity, so that should help.

I have on a couple of occasions began think have I bitten off more I can chew with what I’m doing, especially considering a lot of what I’m doing is new territory for me creatively. However, this is all very exciting and I’m really beginning to enjoy every part of the creative processes I’m undertaking. Plus, I have a lot of determination in every thing I do, so having set my concept into action, it’s full steam ahead to fulfill the ideas I have for my degree show.

Resin mixed and poured into the mould.

After about an hour the resin has already set, however left it a while longer before demoulding.