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In the last blog I described the development of jewellery-like supports for a ‘primary, sculptural object’ that would take the form of a body plan of a human, but be made up of “elements of objects that support the management of the body: pharmaceuticals, containers for oils and lotions, rubber dial pads, plastic water bottles, etc.” I have been making these ‘primary’ objects over the past month in the studio.

When making them I have been thinking about particular women I admire in order to form their shape and make a decision about materials. This imbues the objects with a kind of power as if they were a totemic symbol. In addition, I have been researching the types of objects used to make worry dolls, necklace charms (jewellery again) and fertility symbols. My daily practice is different in that it now involves searching for materials on the street, in corner shops or online.

This bricolage/imaginative approach is an unusual way of working for me and took some time to get into. My studio is now a mess. But I am pleased by the strange character of some of the objects I have made so far.

Next: On Thursday I am meeting fellow Glasgow Sculpture Studios artist Alys Owen for my first resin casting session. We will cast one of the ‘women’ then.