Back on the train to Edinburgh this should have been a two day event but things have been changed slightly today (Saturday) is the silver casting and then on the 6th June we will continue with the enamelling of the casted piece.

Trish our tutor for the cast work goes through all the health and safety bits, we are using flame throwers (well gas torches that are very powerful ) so we have huge protective gauntlets to wear when we cast.  I decided to cast two pieces of glass and a twig.  Well the first pour went well I got the silver into the hole the only problem was the finished piece was a bit to thick and what I had planned wouldn’t work so I re cast it , well that’s when the problems started ! I forgot the air holes.  Ok try again.  Left the twig in the cast!!  think I will let Andrew the jeweller make the silver for me to cast in the future!!  Eventually I get the things done the twig I can work with but don’t care for the other so I may melt it down and do something else before the enamelling day..

photos to follow