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How to take care of the lives you have entered.

What do we mean when we ask permission.

The illusion of care without doing the work of care.

Who are the curators that don’t have conflict of interest.

Selective argument of free speech – don’t have to pay consequences.

Economics and diet > early deaths of African Americans and South Asians in NYC

Transformative Justice

How can we define violence?

When is  language violent?

How are our understandings of violent language leading to oppression and structural violence apparent in “hierarchical scaffolding” SH XI

Non Violent or Non Confrontational Communication


> bothered

> give objective factual description (no blame/emotion)

> what i feel is

> identify my need underneath the feelings that’s giving rise to the feelings

> optional: make a request – concrete and measurable (not a demand or ultimatum)





Racial Justice Training

”Do the arts and education constitutes a critique of value rather than act as expressions of value, or can they?”

“Does the insistence on value stifle the darker, more violent, less affirming ghosts of the unconscious imagination or demand of us that we repress our discontent?” Ladkin, and Bojesen, “Against Value in the Arts and Education”​, (2016) p.5

“What counts as a liveable life and a grievable death?” judith Butler Precarious Life