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I cannot express the benefits of sharing practice and space with artists whose main discipline is different from my own. Taking myself out of the context of the UK to consolidate my own methodologies was needed to further enhance my practice. Conversations with other queer black artist are needed too so that we might heal together.

I am set on continuing to build on my own choreographic practice, take pride in a body that isn’t that of a trained dancer but will however continue to use social dance as a way to occupy spaces historically not for the ‘othered’, to ride the beat of its own drum and radically resist.

She stands inside the hoop. Breathing heavily. We see her silhouette. There is a small pot that sits beside the hoop, light shines out of it. She reaches into it and pulls out coconut oil which she smears across her legs and arms. A warm light illuminates her actions. A soft guitar riff is playing.

As she oils her skin and begins to calm. Her breath returns to normal.