i have not blogged here for years. i missed it and longed to return but i was ‘on hold’ for a while.

(quick summery… i drove myself into the ground, instead of a mental breakdown i had a physical one. for just under a month i was in hospital with pneumonia, pericarditis & pleurisy, then just as i was recovering i came down with postural tachycardia, anemia, chronic fatigue and various intolerances).

the good news is after 3and-a-half years i am able to function most of the time, due mainly to 2litres of water a day, a complete diet overhaul and a resolve not to get myself in that sort of state again.

the best bit is that i am making art again and it feels GREAT.

so this is a new blog, and a slightly new ‘me’…


so since last year i have been slowly getting back to submitting work to exhibitions, film festivals and open calls. i get email updates of opportunities from lux.org, and keep an eye out at vasw.org, filmfreeway.com, curatorspace.com and obviously a-n jobs n opps.  once i get going the disappointment at a rejection is minimised as i have another 10 or so on the go that maybe in with a chance. i try not to spend too many £/$/€’s on entrance fees as it can mount up alarmingly.  as i make mainly video there is not really an income to be had, and i’m not making art to make an income, it is a great feeling when they are shown though.  this position of monetary irreverence comes i think from when i painted (before degree etc) and tried painting pictures that would sell, it didn’t feel great and i didn’t sell any.  though when i painted murals that was different, i suppose because it was a commission.  saying all that though i have been playing with photography again and have to have a piece framed (it’s in the second round of judging in the RWA open), and as it’s such a big print it has cost a lot of £’s, so i would love to sell it !

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