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i had a studio visit from a small local contemporary gallery last week.

im on the dorset/somerset/wiltshire border and there are quite a few galleries nearby but not many who show conceptual work, well there’s two bigguns – hauser and wirth in bruton & messums in tisbury and a medium one bruton art factory (i’ve had a couple o pieces in their open exhibitions). oh and the black swan arts in frome (i am showing a piece in their upcoming open too).

anyway, it was interesting to talk about my work and show them stuff, also i had a good time tidying up and looking back over the last 11yrs.   it bought home to me that work i made at college still ties in with the work i am making now.    i don’t see it sometimes because i get caught up in the one i am working on at the time, it feels re assuring as sometimes it feels like i am being a bit scatty in my making.    another thing is clear – that talking about work makes things clearer for me, it brings things up that i wasn’t consciously aware of, i think that it is why i quite like blogging, it concentrates thoughts and clarifies stuff.