i have not blogged here for years. i missed it and longed to return but i was ‘on hold’ for a while.

(quick summery… i drove myself into the ground, instead of a mental breakdown i had a physical one. for just under a month i was in hospital with pneumonia, pericarditis & pleurisy, then just as i was recovering i came down with postural tachycardia, anemia, chronic fatigue and various intolerances).

the good news is after 3and-a-half years i am able to function most of the time, due mainly to 2litres of water a day, a complete diet overhaul and a resolve not to get myself in that sort of state again.

the best bit is that i am making art again and it feels GREAT.

so this is a new blog, and a slightly new ‘me’…

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i had a studio visit from a small local contemporary gallery last week.

im on the dorset/somerset/wiltshire border and there are quite a few galleries nearby but not many who show conceptual work, well there’s two bigguns – hauser and wirth in bruton & messums in tisbury and a medium one bruton art factory (i’ve had a couple o pieces in their open exhibitions). oh and the black swan arts in frome (i am showing a piece in their upcoming open too).

anyway, it was interesting to talk about my work and show them stuff, also i had a good time tidying up and looking back over the last 11yrs.   it bought home to me that work i made at college still ties in with the work i am making now.    i don’t see it sometimes because i get caught up in the one i am working on at the time, it feels re assuring as sometimes it feels like i am being a bit scatty in my making.    another thing is clear – that talking about work makes things clearer for me, it brings things up that i wasn’t consciously aware of, i think that it is why i quite like blogging, it concentrates thoughts and clarifies stuff.



well, news update – i didn’t get into the RWA exhibition so that was a disappointment (now i’ve got to go and collect it from Bristol, and it just about fits in the car so that’s a bit of a pain), but the wonderfully good news is it has been selected for the Black Swan Arts Open in Frome.  so swings and roundabouts etc.

i’ve spent some of yesterday and today trying to write an artists statement for it. blimey i find it a struggle, trying not to make it sound dull, keeping it relevant whilst within the 100 word limit.   it’s done now and i’ve pressed the save button, hoorah.

off to pick up some more multi exposed film from the developers now, excited to see what i’ve got, if my original idea has come out through the layers of process.  i find it’s much more interesting using film and slightly blind to the final image.


so since last year i have been slowly getting back to submitting work to exhibitions, film festivals and open calls. i get email updates of opportunities from lux.org, and keep an eye out at vasw.org, filmfreeway.com, curatorspace.com and obviously a-n jobs n opps.  once i get going the disappointment at a rejection is minimised as i have another 10 or so on the go that maybe in with a chance. i try not to spend too many £/$/€’s on entrance fees as it can mount up alarmingly.  as i make mainly video there is not really an income to be had, and i’m not making art to make an income, it is a great feeling when they are shown though.  this position of monetary irreverence comes i think from when i painted (before degree etc) and tried painting pictures that would sell, it didn’t feel great and i didn’t sell any.  though when i painted murals that was different, i suppose because it was a commission.  saying all that though i have been playing with photography again and have to have a piece framed (it’s in the second round of judging in the RWA open), and as it’s such a big print it has cost a lot of £’s, so i would love to sell it !

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