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Much more progress was also made today on the installation, there were also many hands to help me. We did encounter some difficulties when trying to attach the panels to the wall, as one of the walls in concrete, and we needed a masonry drill bit. Jane, one of the assistants speaks fantastic English, so she accompanied me to the hardware shop, but unfortunately the screwdriver would not take it. Difficult to try and sort it in another country when I speak very little of the language.

The structure is finished now, thanks to the help of everyone who works and is friends with YanYan. I am going to work on the colour tomorrow, and I have a few more materials to buy in the morning. I have made some plans for external sprays and a drawing in the centre of the studio walkway. I know what I need to do – I just need to get on with it!

Today was so hot, and around dinner time, there a was a large thunderstorm with much lightning. The night market traders had to clear their goods. I went to YanYan’s apartment for the first time. It is very spacious and comfortable, and he also had a seated toilet!

It is early to bed for me tonight as there much more to do tommorow.