On my second day Antonio and I sat down and made a plan for my stay, which days I would visit the university, when I would make a public presentation of my work, visit to Xilitla and Mexico City.

We ran through the format for the student presentations mimicking the style that I experienced on my BA at Goldsmiths. We agreed that three students would be enough for time allocated to us.

Additionally we discussed my presentation, how he would introduce my work and how long I would speak for and what works I would show.

Antonio told me he had invited Francesco Pedraglio, an artist based in London to make a new work for the Museo and that he would be visiting the following week to have a meeting with him about his upcoming exhibition. He also suggested that Francesco joined in with the presentations of the students as he wanted him to do a workshop with them during his exhibition.

Antonio asked if I would like to curate a Spotify playlist for the Museo Leonora Carrington that reflected my experience of the Museo and also Carrington’s work. I was excited by this idea as music does play a significant part when I am developing new ideas and writing.

The Museo are also developing an audio guide that would be available in Spanish and English. They had translated it but wondered if I minded having a look and seeing if anything needed to be edited or changed. I agreed and thought it would be helpful for my own research to gain a better understanding of Carrington’s work.