If you’re going to be rejected, you couldn’t get a nicer way to do it than this – and they had 1500 applications to reply to…

Dear Susan ,

Thank you so much for your application to the Sustainable Arts Foundation…

Although we are not able to fund your application, we want you to know that we are inspired by your commitment to your craft and by the sacrifices you’re making to pursue it. Our jurors are invited to provide feedback about the applications they review. We wanted to share the following:

“The sound installation with the medicine bottles seems like it would be fascinating in person- especially in a cellar space like that with good acoustics. “

We know that it is hard enough to create time for artistic work while parenting, let alone to work on grant applications, and we appreciate the effort you put in to your submission. All applicants are eligible to re-apply, although we can’t recommend strongly enough that reapplications be submitted with new work.

Thank you again for your application, and we wish you all the best, both with your work and with your family.


Tony and Caroline Grant
The Sustainable Arts Foundation